The SECRET to BOOSTING TRAFFIC and SALES to your tradeshow Booth: (Its easier, and more affordable than you think!)

Lets face it – Tradeshow are hard work, boring and at best just an excuse to travel on the companies’ dime! Converting a 10X10 tradeshow booth, jammed in amongst your biggest competitors into a haven of excitement for your potential clients is a grueling and challenging task!

But you’re in luck! There IS an affordable, practical and easy solution!



Now, I know what you’re thinking… How can some young girl (or guy) with no education or experience in my industry, that knows absolutely nothing about my business do all that?

Let me tell you how:

  • Promo models ATTRACT ATTENTION by adding life and excitement to your brand, products and services.  They are the attractive, friendly and professional greeters that are non-threatening and inviting! They become your secret weapon that entices visitors to stop at your booth instead of walking on by to the next. Having an attractive model at your booth can actually DOUBLE YOUR BOOTH TRAFFIC!
  • Promo models are capable of engaging in conversation easily because people WANT to talk to attractive people.  Promo Models KEEP YOUR VISITORS AT YOUR BOOTH LONGER by entertaining each visitor until the sales team can engage them and close in on the sale.
  • Hiring a local promotional model can SAVE YOU MONEY! Eliminating, or cutting the cost of transporting, housing and feeding multiple employees to work the booth and represent your products significantly reduces corporate travel costs.
  • BOOST SALES – People are more inclined to make a purchase once they have had the opportunity to interact or experience your products and services. Booth models can introduce or demonstrate your products to visitors in a fun and friendly way until your sales team can seal the deal.
  • POSITIVE BRAND IMAGE – I have seen this work time and time again! Putting attractive models in a classy (yet sexy and appropriate to your audience) uniform sporting your brand colors and logo leaves a memorable impression of your products and services! Visitors will associate beautiful, fun and friendly with your brand – the experience is positive – whether you’re selling home alarm systems or toilet cleaner!
  •  They GET PEOPLE TALKING!  Your booth will be memorable and have visitors, and competitors talking at the after parties and dinners – isn’t that ultimately what you want?

We know there are literally hundreds of promotional model staffing agencies to choose from, but the professional and experienced tradeshow team at has clients saying things like…

“Our business advanced miles ahead with the help of TM Events promo models”. Sam Farahanji – Antixidant Café International