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7 Tips on How to be a GREAT Promo Model!

 WANT TO BE THE STAR OF YOUR AGENCY AND LEAVE CLIENTS WANTING MORE??  Get PAID to have FUN and convey a brand message? These 7 Tips will help you be a rockstar at your Promo Model Job!

    • Be UPBEAT and OUTGOING with a POSITIVE ATTITUDE, – It’s not rocket science!! You are a PROMOTIONS model, your job is to PROMOTE a paying clients product or service while creating a positive and memorable brand image, Be positive and upbeat leaving every interaction with a positive and lasting impression of the brands you are promoting.
    • HAVE FUN and BE FUN! Your energy is contagious; make sure it is a positive energy you are conveying.
    • TALK to EVERYONE – this is one job where your boss wants you to be a “Chatty Cathy” and spread the word about the products /services you are representing!
    • ABC (Always Be Closing) – Ask for the sale, encourage people to purchase multiples and share the benefits of why they should!
    • Be FLEXIBLE –go with the flow and don’t get cranky if things don’t go as expected or  you are asked to alter your duties in the best interest f the client.
    • Be RESOURCEFUL and THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX – sometimes you may need to switch things up or take the initiative to ensure the client’s goals are met.
    • Arrive RESFRESHED and ready to work – we understand that you have other jobs, and are sometimes pulling a double shift, but it is your job to arrive fed, and energized!  Keep a power bar or a Red Bull in your purse for low energy emergencies.
    • TAKE PRIDE in your position and the brands you are representing
    • Arm yourself with KNOWLEDGE ABOUT THE PRODUCTS AND SERVICES you are representing – this way you can be an EXTENTION of the brands you are representing. KNOW and COMMUNICATE key benefits of the products, service and brands you are representing.
    • Know the WHO (onsite contact and cell #); WHAT (products or services you are promoting); WHERE (research your location and parking situation prior to your shift); HOW (what promotional forum are you using to promote these products and services?) and the WHEN (what time you need to start, finish and execute specific directives) of your job.
    • Collect in advance ALL TOOLS, CERTIFICATIONS, required reporting and items required to complete the job
  • BE POLISHED (YES – People notice when you are disheveled)!
    • No chipped NAILS
    • Look PHOTO SHOOT READY at all times (hair and make up) – More often than not, patrons will want to take photos with you.  You will want to look your best
    • Arrive in UNIFORM – Make sure it is as specified and is CLEAN, PRESSED and MENDED! DRESS CLASSY BUT SEXY!
    • SHOES should be buffed and clean – WEAR HEELS (unless flats or runners are specifically requested)
    • NO JEANS OR LULU lemons (unless specifically requested)
    • Don’t lean on tables or walls
    • Stand tall with your arms uncrossed
    • Be open and welcoming
    • SMILE! Promotions is for happy people, show them how happy you are by your smile J
    • Be CONFIDENT, and CLEARLY communicate key messages
    • Stay OFF YOUR PHONE!! When you are scheduled to work – WORK this isn’t social time – don’t waste our clients time and money catching up on your social life!
    • RESEARCH YOUR LOCATION and PARKING OPTIONS in advance and account for possible traffic delays
    • REVIEW your product knowledge and SHIFT DETAILS PRIOR to your shift, clarify as needed
    • COMMUNICATE and deviations to the directives IMMEDIATELY
    • If you are ever NOT SURE WHAT TO DO – ASK!!
    • If you accept a booking – KEEP IT
    • SHOW UP ON TIME (in-fact – be 15 Minutes early!)
    • If submitting reports, photos or receipts are part of your job.. SUBMIT IN A TIMELY MANNER!

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