Do’s & Don’ts of Applying


One of my favorite things about working in the talent industry is meeting all of the amazing people in it. At TM Events we are always looking for great new models to join our growing team. We have recently added an online application to our website – great for efficiency and overall a great success. With this feature, we request that applicants submit a photo along with their submission. Given the nature of this industry, it is important that we know what you look like since you are representing our clients and TM Events as well. As entertaining as I find this process, I would like to take a moment to discuss the “Do’s and Don’ts” of submitting photos.

DO sumbit a current photo.
DO submit a clear photo of just you.
DO take the time to find flattering photos of yourself.
DO send photos that can demonstrate your experience

What we do want to see:


DON’T upload a self portrait of any kind (in bathroom, car, etc).
DON’T submit a photo of you and all of your friends.
DON’T send photos with booze or drugs.
DON’T Send photos taken in a messy bedroom or bathroom.

What we don’t want to see:

Do you find these photos as entertaining as we do? Check out

  1. Alison Heuke
    Alison Heuke07-20-2012

    Yes I do find this article entertaining..and the photos definitely topped it off.

  2. Bam Solutions
    Bam Solutions09-10-2012

    I agree with this article! Finding great pictures of yourself to send to future potential employers is essential in achieving success within that position! Bad photos will not get you the job! Thanks for the article 🙂

    • Traci

      Thank you for your comments – We are glad you enjoyed the article!