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A new reason to enjoy a cup of Joe…


Do you ever feel a bit guilty when you feel like you “need” your morning coffee go for that second cup mid-afternoon? Or perhaps you have switched to tea because it’s “better” for you and has beneficial antioxidants. Our latest “favorite find”  may be soon become your favorite too!

Antioxidant Cafe is introducing Canadians to a delicious and healthy coffee from Asantae Java. Through Asantae’s “Healthy Roast Process” the coffee is easily the world’s most powerful! During the roast of other coffees, the beneficial factors are lost. Asantae’s process ensures that the antioxidants are not only retained but also re-added after the roasting. Tests have proven that antioxidants help fight disease causing free-radicals within your body. Sounds like a great reason to drink up!

Have you switched to tea thinking that it’s a good alternative with less caffeine? Apparently tea doesn’t even compare to the numerous benefits of this antioxidant packed drink. Antioxidant Cafe proudly boasts that their java holds 6 times more antioxidants than any other premium coffee or tea brand in the world.

Another reason we can enjoy a healthy cup or two of this cup of joe is that it is certified organic as well as fair trade. We think this is more than worthy to warm our hearts and our mugs!

Antioxidant Cafe, recently wowed the crowds at this year’s BC Food Services show at the Vancouver Convention Centre. The attendees were so impressed with the presentation and product that they voted the Antioxidant Cafe “Best Booth of 2011”!

Nicole & Chaandani – Antioxidant Cafe Nurse Ambassadorss at the BC Food Services Show 2011

Antioxidant Cafe offers 3 different varieties – Breakfast, Signature and Decaf roasts. You can have your own cup-of-healthy-love by taking advantage of Antioxidant Cafe’s home delivery service at

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